Live Nation Entertainment is the world’s leading live entertainment company consisting of concert promotion, marketing solutions, ticketing and e­-commerce.

They have two merchandise stores, the Live Nation Superstore Live Nation Superstore and the new Ticketmaster Store. Both stores carry and sell physical goods and digital content from artists, comedians, and celebrities.

How Live Nation & Ticketmaster Stores Sell Your Music

Does Live Nation & Ticketmaster Stores sell your music via?


VerveLife is the digital content provider for the Live Nation and Ticketmaster Superstores. Therefore when you deliver your content to VerveLife, you are making your music available for the Live Nation or Ticketmaster stores to sell. Not every piece of content delivered to VerveLife will get added to these two stores, but they will be available for consideration.

Pay Rate (How Much Live Nation & Ticketmaster Stores Pay You)

The wholesale cost paid to you will be 70% of the retail price (for example: if a track of yours is sold for $0.99, you will be paid $0.70 for that sale). There are also seasonal, promotional opportunities for both the Live Nation and Ticketmaster stores. Your content may be considered for these promotions if applicable.