A middle man who connects you with virtual reality service IMVU, the new HMV Digital Music store and many more.

Strength: Connections. Vervelife builds music experiences for brands and as their network grows, so does yours.
Store type: Downloads Streaming

VerveLife is a leading force in robust, tech­driven solutions that help brands and digital retailers harness the power of music. VerveLife provides digital content for the following companies: IMVU, Rockbot, the Live Nation and Ticketmaster Superstores, and Billboard. When you choose to have your music delivered to VerveLife, you agree to make it available to all retailers. Please note: for some of VerveLife’s clients, it is not guaranteed that your content will be added to their store or playlists, but it will make your content available for opportunities.

Go Live Time

It takes anywhere from 1­3 weeks for content to go live in Vervelife.

Vervelife Store Territories

All of the companies under VerveLife in the United States and through HMV in Canada.