The on-demand streaming service everyone’s talking about. Spotify is available in over 20 countries with big plans to expand.

Strength: Reach.

Your tracks join a catalog of millions of songs, available for a rapidly growing user base.

Store type: Streaming

Sound Legend’s strong partnership with Spotify makes it easier than ever for fans to play and share your music. Once your music is on Spotify, simply create an account and download the streaming music player to get started sharing, creating playlists, and following other artists. Sound Legends now offers daily Spotify trend reports, so you’ll be able to keep track of your success and make timely business decisions.

Spotify Verified Artist Accounts allow Sound Legends artists and labels to easily build a community of followers and interact with fans directly from artist pages. Each time you create a playlist or share your songs, your fans will hear them.

Top 4 Things to Know About Spotify