A popular tool for identifying unfamiliar songs anywhere and everywhere.

The social aspect of the service lets you discover, explore, buy and share the music you find.

Strength: More sales opportunities. Shazam generates over $300 million in digital sales.
Store type: Discovery

Shazam is the world’s leading media engagement company, with over 350 million users tagging more than 10 million tracks a day. Last year alone, over $300 million worth of digital goods sales were made through Shazam and we continue to be Apple’s largest retail partner worldwide on mobile.

Go Live Time

It generally takes at least 24 hours for tracks submitted to Shazam to go live. However, on some occasions it could take longer, depending on current ingestion projects.

Shazam Territories

Shazam is live in over 200 countries.

How Shazam Sells Your Music

Does Shazam sell your music via?


Pay Rate (How Much Shazam Pays You)

Shazam does not sell music so artists do not receive payment, but Shazam drives sales in other outlets through music discovery.

Retail Partners:

iTunes, Amazon, Spotify,