Rockbot provides an innovative and engaging way for people to hear their favorite music at bars and restaurants.

Instead of inserting money into a jukebox, customers can check into a participating venue with the Rockbot application and become a “DJ” for the venue, selecting song choices from the app entering it into a DMCA­-compliant playlist that gets played through the venue’s speakers. Other DJs in the venue can also add songs to the playlist, ultimately providing a crowdsourced playlist between users under one roof. People can also vote song picks up or down, which affects DJ ratings as well as positions in line.

How Rockbot Sells Your Music

Does Rockbot sell your music via?

*They do offer download links to purchase in iTunes, so sales would show from the iTunes Store. **These streams are not paid through Sound Legends. See below for more information.

Pay Rate (How Much Rockbot Pays You)

If you deliver your music to VerveLife, it will provide Rockbot access to it for compulsory streaming usage only. That means money earned by your music from streaming through Rockbot will NOT flow through Sound Legends: it will be waiting for you at Sound Exchange, and you need to be signed up with Sound Exchange in order to retrieve payment.