Copyright Next Steps.

You’ve got your copyright application and your time-stamp. So now what? Well, there are a few last steps to take before you drop your submission package in the mail.
So just follow the directions below step by step to avoid any errors or delays when you submit your work to the copyright office.

Copyright F.A.Q.

Step 1

Finalize Your Application

Print out your application and take a close look at it. Make sure the information is correct and accurate, and you didn’t miss anything. Notice that the sections of the form are numbered.

In section 1, circle(with a pen) either “Previous”, “Alternative” or “Contents”, if this was registered under a previous title.If it all looks good, sign the Application(with a pen) in section 8. Pretty easy so far right?

Step 2

Gather All your Items

You need to submit all three elements of your package to the USCO at the same time.
These items are:

• Your Copyright Application.

• Nonrefundable filing fee in check or money order payable to U.S. Copyright Office. What are the fees? You can easily find that out by clicking here.
• Your Deposit Material. How exactly does the copyright office expect to receive your material? We’ve got a handy link to answer that, click here.

Mail it

Doesn't get much easier

You will need to mail in your submission to the U.S. Copyright Office, once you have it all together. We like to make things easy on you, so here is the mailing address:

Library of Congress
U.S. Copyright Office-SR 101 Independence Avenue SE Washington, DC20559-6000