The largest music store on planet Earth is now available in over 100 countries to anyone with a computer, iPad or iPhone. Sound Legends is a Preferred iTunes Music Aggregator.

Strength: Ubiquity. You can reach over a hundred million people.
Store type: Downloads Cloud

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As a Preferred iTunes Music Aggregator, Sound Legends makes it easy to distribute your music worldwide to your fans and collect revenue. Sound Legends provides daily iTunes reporting, so you’ll be able to track your sales and make timely business decisions. iTunes is the premier online digital retailer and application that allows users to purchase, download, and listen to music and video via computers or other iTunes compatible devices.

Top 5 Things to Know About iTunes

How long does it take for my music to go live on iTunes?2017-10-26T19:28:51-04:00

Most releases take 24 – 72 hours to go live. Interested in collecting songwriter royalties? Find out more about Sound Legends. Do you have more questions? Check out our blog for more tips on how to get featured on iTunes. SELL YOUR MUSIC ON ITUNES

How much money will I make from iTunes sales?2017-10-26T19:27:29-04:00


iTunes  US  &  Canada

iTunes  UK

iTunes  Australia



£0.49  (GBP)

$0.99 (AUD)

(based  on  default  pricing)



£4.69  (GBP)

$9.99 (AUD)

When your music is played on iTunes  Radio , you get paid a per play fee and a proportionate share of iTunes’ advertising revenue for each month. All of your revenue will go directly into your Sound Legends Account. For more payment details, check out our iTunes pay rate help  page .

How much will iTunes charge for my music?2017-10-26T19:28:00-04:00

The default price for tracks under ten minutes in length is $0.99. The default album price is $9.99.

How does iTunes sell my music?2017-10-26T19:28:05-04:00

iTunes sells your music via downloads and now via streams through iTunes  Radio . When you distribute your music to iTunes it will automatically become available on iTunes  Radio . It is also possible for you to receive streaming revenue through the iTunes Match service.

Where does iTunes distribute my music?2017-10-26T19:28:11-04:00

If you select iTunes Worldwide, your music including albums, singles, and ringtones will be sent around the world to territories like Canada, UK, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Russia, and more for free! Check out the full  list of territories.