Top-notch music recognition technology that lets music fans identify and discover your music.

Strength: Identification. Hundreds of millions of music fans can find out who you are.
Store type: Discovery

Gracenote provides advanced media identification, management, discovery, enrichment and monitoring solutions. A decade ago, Gracenote pioneered CD identification as the world’s first CD database. Now Gracenote has more than 3,000 content partners, including major and independent music publishers, labels and movie studios, that power the biggest names in all major markets.

Go Live Time

It takes about 2 weeks for content to go live in Gracenote.

Gracenote Territories

Gracenote’s reach is global, as it is available in over 200 countries.

How Gracenote Sells Your Music

Does Gracenote sell your music via?


Pay Rate (How Much Gracenote Pays You)

Gracenote does not sell music so artists do not receive payment, but Gracenote drives sales in other outlets through music discovery.

Why Gracenote Is Important to Artists:

  • Ensures recognition of partner content across all digital media (e.g. CD, stream, file)
  • Drives and accelerates commerce through music discovery, commerce links and cloud based matching services
  • Enables the monitoring and protection of digital media assets
  • Opens new revenue streams
  • Ensures information about partner content is accurate, release date ready
  • Secures partners‚ content information so that it cannot be overwritten by unauthorized users

Why Gracenote Is Important to Consumers:

  • Dramatically enhances music experiences
  • Makes products more powerful and intuitive
  • Provides a unified entertainment experience

Gracenote MusicID: Powering the Cloud

  • Recognizes music in a user’s personal collection
  • Matches or unlocks the same tracks in Cloud
  • Fans can enjoy their music across multiple Cloud­-enabled devices
  • Advanced music identification
  • Determines the difference between Explicit and Clean versions of albums and songs
  • Ensures correct album and songs are always unlocked in Cloud
  • Gracenote MusicID: Identify Songs Anytime, Anywhere

Apple iTunes Genius, Powered by Gracenote

“Gracenote More Like This” is like having a personal DJ picking tunes to fit every musical moment. For instance, when Adele’s Rolling in the Deep is playing, “Gracenote More Like This will analyze the characteristics of the Adele track and generate a similar music playlist from songs already in the collection or across the Cloud.

  • Drive Revenue through Discovery: Smarter, more relevant music recommendations leads to discovery, which drives music sales by linking listeners to digital media services to purchase and stream new content.
  • Drive Revenue through Identification: Listeners can identify music in multiple platforms and connect to digital media services to purchase tracks.
  • Drive Revenue through Cloud Integration: Gracenote Scan and Match technology enables linking of end user collections to partner catalogs enabling further monetization via third party DSPs.