Be part of a highly-curated download service with discounted offerings for subscribers.

Strength: Dedicated user base.

eMusic subscribers are considered frequent music consumers who value the store’s opinion.

Store type: Downloads

eMusic is a subscription and pay­ per ­download digital music service. Customer of the subscription service can download a fixed number of musical tracks per month. Non­subscribers can purchase direct from the digital store.

Go Live Time

It takes anywhere from 1­3 weeks for content to go live in eMusic.

Store Territories

eMusic is currently available in Canada, all of the European Union and the United States.

How eMusic Sells Your Music.

Does eMusic sell your music via the following?


eMusic offers different subscription plans to its customers and only sells music via digital downloads.

Pay Rate (How Much eMusic Pays You)

In the U.S., you get paid USD$0.40 per song with a maximum price of USD $4.40 per album

The amount that you are paid for download sales through eMusic is based on a percentage of revenue and varies per length of your track. In the United States, you are currently paid about USD $0.40 per song for the average track length with a maximum price of USD $4.40 per album. Note, if a song is 10 minutes or longer, then that song will be available as album only. Sales earned in Canada and the European Union, earn about $ 0.24­0.25 per song for the average track length.

eMusic pays out quarterly.

Payment earned outside of the U.S. is less for various reasons. First, payment on international sales is made in the local currency and therefore subject to exchange rate fluctuations when converted to U.S. dollars. Second, local laws may require that before remitting the money to Sound Legends, eMusic must deduct sums for applicable local taxes or other tariffs depending on the territory where you distribute your music. Third, the current wholesale price paid to you for international sales of your music may reflect a deduction for publishing royalties as Emusic pays those royalties to local copyright right societies (the “Copyright Deduction”) and then the copyright societies pay out those royalties to the rights holders (even if you are the rights holder and/or control the underlying rights to the composition). The Copyright Deduction may vary per country depending on the local laws at the time of payment and are subject to change.

As always, Sound Legends pays you 100% of the proceeds that you earn on your sales through eMusic worldwide after these applicable deductions are applied.


To make sure that you are collecting all international publishing royalties, as well as additional domestic royalties, on compositions that you own or control, we’ve built our Sound Legends to get songwriters (the person or entity that controls the copyright to the lyrics and melody of the song) all their royalties from sales and use of their songs around the world. To learn more about the additional separate royalties you earn as a Songwriter, see our Publishing Administration Help section.