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Your music is part of you. Don’t let it wind up in someone else’s hands.

Protect your original musical works from copyright infringement with Sound Legends’ professional music copyrighting service. There’s a myth among musicians that simply releasing a song is enough to secure its copyright protection. However, this simply isn’t true. The only way to truly protect your work is to register it with the U.S. Copyright Office. Without a registered copyright, you will not have access to court protection—and it can also be difficult to prove ownership. Sound Legends makes it easy to copyright your music by offering copyright registration as a streamlined part of the music upload and distribution process. By registering your music when you upload it, you can get immediate protection from the moment your music is released to the world.

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If a famous artist can be sued over copyright infringement, so can you.

If you want to protect your creative rights to original works of music, you’re in good company. Many well known artists have sued—and been sued by—other artists who, intentionally or otherwise, infringed on their copyrights. Queen and David Bowie famously sued Vanilla Ice for his Number One hit, “Ice Ice Baby,” which used the same baseline as their song,“Under Pressure.” Ray Parker Jr.’s Hot 100 No. 1 song, “Ghostbusters” seemed pretty original at the time. However, if you happen to be a fan of Huey Lewis and the News, you might have recognized the tune from “I Want a New Drug.” Mr. Lewis certainly did. (The parties settled out of court). Even George Harrison of the Beatles was sued for copying the tune from the Chiffons’ song, “He’s So Fine” when he wrote “My Sweet Lord.” He apologized, claiming the mistake was subconscious.

Why should I copyright my music?

Protect Your Rights

Once you copyright your music, you’re entitled to take legal action against anyone who may attempt to infringe on those rights. Copyright holders can sue infringers in federal court, and may even seek statutory damages and attorney’s fees, in addition to actual damages and profits.

Prove Ownership

Before you can sue someone else for infringing on your copyright, you have to prove the work was yours to begin with. Copyrighting your music creates an official record with the U.S. Copyright Office, establishing the work as yours.

Save Money

Before professional music copyrighting services were available online, most musicians relied on music attorneys or copyright attorneys to secure their musical copyrights. Copyrighting your music online with Sound Legends is much less expensive than working with an attorney, making it easier for artists to protect their music at a lower cost.

Prevent Errors

Errors in your musical copyright application could cause it to be rejected, leaving your work unprotected. At Sound Legends, we specialize in protecting artists’ rights, helping to reduce errors and ensure your copyright is approved as soon as possible.

Music Copyrighting Made Easy

Applying for a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office can be complicated—but it doesn’t have to be. Sound Legends makes the process quick, simple and straightforward. Just select the service, answer a few easy questions, and we’ll do the rest.